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Press release- Seattle Spartans LLC February 2023

Spartans press releases: February 2023

Seattle Spartans LLC, the women's tackle football team, is excited to announce that we will be a free-agent team in the 2023 season. As a free-agent team, we will not be affiliated with any particular league and will have the ability to schedule our own games and create our own schedule.

This decision was made in order to provide more opportunities for our players and team.

Such as our 2nd trip to Mexico for the 2nd Annual Women's Mayan bowl.

As a free-agent team, we will have the ability to compete against a wider range of opponents, including other free-agent teams, and showcase our skills on a larger stage.

Our team is comprised of talented and dedicated athletes who are passionate about football and committed to excellence. We are excited about the opportunities that being a free agent team will provide and look forward to the challenges and successes that lie ahead.

The Seattle Spartans are committed to promoting women's football and empowering women and girls to pursue their dreams and passions. We believe that sports provide a powerful platform for personal growth, teamwork, and leadership development, and we are proud to be a part of this movement.

Planting a tree so others can sit in the shade is the key philosophy of the Seattle Spartans, with that in mind, we are determined to provide a place for women and girls to learn the amazing sport of football and discover their fantastic talents and skills.

For more information about Seattle Spartans LLC and our upcoming season as a free-agent team, please visit our website or follow us on social media. We thank our fans, supporters, and partners for their continued support and look forward to an exciting season ahead.


March 11th scrimmage with the Majestics

March 18th scrimmage with the Oregon Ravens.

April 29th Seattle Spartans bowl game

August 5th 2nd Annual Mayan bowl

More to be announced!

If you would like to schedule an event or game with the Seattle Spartans please contact us

Seattle Spartans LLC

PO Box 1165

Bothell WA 98041

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