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Seattle Spartans Player Wanted!

Tryouts and Recruiting


Seattle Spartans are one of the first free-to-play women’s football team in the country. We play full tackle, flag and flackle! Most women have never played tackle football so the Spartans squad are devoted to teach women and girls this sport from basic to advanced techniques. We play 11 on 11 from Jan-July and flag and flackle August-December.


Do you think you have what it takes? Are you a warrior? Are you a Spartan? Of course you are that’s why you’re here!


Join us for tryouts and free workouts on Saturdays! Facebook Recruit group!

Pre-Season: Pre-season starts January and run through March with one Pre-season game or scrimmage. January the Spartans start full practice 5 days a week. Seattle Spartans are free to play but we expect max effort with that we require players to make 50% of practice to be eligible to play in games. This is for the safety of the players and opponents.

Season: The Spartans had a 10 week season with 6 to 8 games. 

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