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Seattle Spartans in the media


I Expect You to be a Spartan

Cleat Sheets - A Podcast on Women's Tackle Football

Nicole Pelham of the Seattle Spartans joins us to shine a light on women's football in the Pacific Northwest. When there are so many teams in the region competing, Nicole shares her perspective on building her team and the expectations she sets on and off the field. Player, owner, and one of our most inspiring interviews we've had.  LISTEN >

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2020 Check out the Spartans on Krko 95.3fm and 1380am! Thanks Tim Hunter!!



American-football-returns-to-Merida-with-the-Womens-Mayan-Bowl 2023.jpeg

American football returns to Merida with the Women’s Mayan Bowl between the local Aguilas and the Seattle Spartans.


August 5, 2023 Updated: August 6, 2023


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Everett women’s football team owner wants sport to become ‘mainstream’ 

Nicole Pelham owns the Seattle Spartans, formerly known as the Everett Reign. She wants to grow the sport, but challenges abound.




Check out owner of the Seattle Spartans, Nicole's  interview with Natural Choice Network!! 2021

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New women’s football team embraces challenges

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Seattle Spartans Owner Nicole’s live on air interview with KUOW’s Bill RadKe on The Record

Listen here >

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